nr. 365 - The finalnr. 365 – The final, originally uploaded by mevrouwmikmak.

So here it is, the big final of this project.
With special thanks to: superjesse, not only did he help me with making this final shot, he helped me out a lot when I could not make it alone.
I also want to thank my daughter Maxime for participating and support more then a few times.
I had the idea for a while in my head, but the weather didn’t cooperate, so I had to improvise again.

The past year has been very intens, but brought me so much more then i hoped for.
I could not imagine this last year when I started.
I want to thank everyone for watching and supporting me all this time.
My special thanks are for my family and friends for helping me out and believing in me and the people I started to love here on Flickr the past year.

For that my special thanks to:
Merel, Mick, Wout, Roderique, Jeanique, Maxime, Suus, Tony, MC1, Cafe moka, Amy, Elsvo,Thom, Jen, Marcel, Angelica, Woordenaar, Sandra, Richard, Just a guy, Jan Willem and the many others.( don’t be angry if I forget some of you out there.)

Thank you guys for beeing such a great and inspiring company here on Flickr.

So this it … 365 times me.
I hope you enjoyed it, at least I did.

Ofcourse I will continue to post pictures here, so stay tuned.

One thought on “nr. 365 – The final”

  1. I will miss this. Everyday I went to this site to see what your next picture was looking like. But, chapeau dear, you did a fantastic job and we all could see you grow the past 365 days.

    All my love,

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