Fake On Black

Cosmetic surgery is like a trend that hasn’t reached his peak yet.
I am sure it will eventually.
On tv a lot of famous people try at least some botox.
I would cheer when people started to love a natural look again.
What good is a face without expression or wrinkle.
It is the lines on your face that tell the story of your life,
in my opinion that is what makes a face interesting.
I don’t like fake at all, no fake face, fake orgasm, fake smile or fake character can get my approval.
There is one exeption though …
The over the top fake, that fake is funny from my point of view.
So please, don’t ever take fake seriously, it will give you wrinkles.

Salon 8 – 20/26 Fake
Salon 8 is a group project: 8 photographers take on 26 themes.
26 ideas seen through 8 different sets of eyes.
Every two weeks we will posts these images of the world as we perceive it, as we dream and taste it.

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