nr. 311 – Pet || Salon 8

nr. 311 - Pet || Salon 8
nr. 311 - Pet || Salon 8nr. 311 – Pet || Salon 8, originally uploaded by mevrouwmikmak.

A little bit late as well.
But Lola is not only a stand-in for my project and picture of yesterday ( she is a part of me 2 in my opinion).
But also my only pet I have left.
At first I wanted to contribute Baloe with an old picture of her, because I still miss her every day, but life goes on and Lola is filling the gap Baloe left in my heart.
I love her very much, although she is already 7 years old, she acts like she is still a puppy.

Salon 8 – 17/26 Pet
Salon 8 is a group project: 8 photographers take on 26 themes.
26 ideas seen through 8 different sets of eyes.
Every two weeks we will posts these images of the world as we perceive it, as we dream and taste it.

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