Sometimes little things can have huge after effects.
Before I started this project I could not even imagine that it would give me the opportunity to make a book. But tonight it might actually happen.

To make a long story short…
(stop reading here)
(If you want to know why, read on from here)
The friend who lend me his studiolights once in a while told another friend about my project.
She was so impressed she wanted to meet me.
During that meeting she told me about a old Monastery House, she rents a room for her studio there and gives workshops. After that she took me to this place nearby, and I just fell in love with the location.
Everything is there:
The perfect light, the ambiance, the garden, the old graves,an old litle chapel, they even have a small pilgrimage. The nons used to live there and now the house is been used for a living community of people all participating in their own way.
They try to urn some money with all kinds ofactivities, with that money they renovate the place the way it was, but with better isolation and so on.

The day after that meeting, i had a plan.
I figured that if I could use the place as a free accesible location, I could take pictures for them as well.
Then I thought about a good friend of mine, who is a journalist, if he might be intrested to write about the house and its past.
He was.
I am sure the house will have a lot of stories to tell.

The friend with the studio introduced the proposal to the governance members and they were very enthousiastic about my plan.

Tonight i will be having the first meeting about it.
My journalist friend is coming over and I hope we wil find a way to make some money with a book that will benefit us all.
Someway it feels good already, i feel something nice is going to happen, but you never know.
I am not known for having a lot of patients and usualy these matters do.
Keep your fingers crossed for me.
I will keep you posted.