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Today wasn’t my best day ever.

It started with a disappointment because I maybe have to wait another 2 weeks before my flashlights will be send to me, but when I called the company they were really rude and told me some lies to believe. I hate it when people don’t take me serious and try to fool me like I am some stupid blondie.
So I was a little pissed when I got off the phone.

An hour later my son came up to me in panic because there was a policeman at the frontdoor. My neighbours have been complaining again for nothing, so I made him clear that this will be last time they annnoyed me, because after 10 years of bullying I am at the end of my patience.
I used my agression for inspiration:
Be prepared to meet my Evil side.
(No neighbours were injured in this shot.)

For my Face is My canvas challenge of the week

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