Here in the south of Holland,
there is a party going on called Carnaval.
Not like the Carnaval in Rio or Venice,
but the best way to celebrate is with locals and everybody dressed up like someone else.
The village I live in, is a small village called Boxmeer.
But we do have a big tradition: De Metworst.

It is a horserace where only local guys born and raised and still single can join. (A lot of marrriages are postponed because of that rule)
The winner wins a sausage and will be the king of Metworst for 1 year. When someone manage to win 3 times in a row he will become Emperor of The Metworst.
But that didn’t happen since 1900 in this 270 years old tradition.

People of our village are beeing blown awake at 6 .00 am with reveille trompets.
They all walk to the field where the race is held (a few km down the road) and watch the whole race with a lot of alcohol to stay warm.
The race starts at 9.00 am .
Afterwards everybody walkes back again and hits every bar on the way back to our village.
A lot of people don’t make it untill the evening, but it still is fun to see a lot of people who lived here, moved away, but still visit Boxmeer with this race.
I had a lot of fun with a guy from highschool and my best friend around me.
I didn’t trust myself enough to make a picture after coming home, so this one is taken on 8.31 am, that is why I look a litlle sleepy.
The photo isn’t great, but my day was fantastic.
Like hardcore Carnaval should be celebrated.